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A few things to note

  1. Please follow the journey in order. It has been created with intention

  2. There will be no challenges on Weekends

  3. If you come across a resource that you’ve already seen, please don’t skip it. Check it out again or look online for something that explores the same concept

  4. This has been an intercontinental/cross regional effort and we have worked hard to draw on different perspectives. Given its sheer size, a lot of useful material comes from America. Please consider the resource in the context of your own country

  5. There may be times when a challenge triggers something painful within you. If this happens, please know that you are not alone and take a look at this resource to help you in these moments

  6. The original 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge was developed by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., Dr. Marguerite Penick-Parks and Debby Irving, and it inspired this Journey. Our team (Natasha Taylor, Rebekah Ramirez and Thessa Bos) has worked to find resources that align with Woman Within’s core values of inclusiveness, respect and integrity.  We are grateful to Marcia Stone and Cindy Christensen for their contributions to our self-care guide and circle guidelines.

  7. Confused? Have questions? Email the 26-day team at online@womanwithin.org

If you find these materials impactful, and want to express gratitude, please donate to Woman Within International to help keep the organization running during this time when we cannot offer our regular in-person workshops and programs.

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