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Guide to self-care

The work of racial healing can take its toll.  When we take on the perspectives of people of color, examine white privilege or confront unfamiliar concepts that challenge our racial and systemic understandings, we may experience discomfort or stress.  We may even feel anger, fear, guilt – or we may feel like arguing, staying silent or checking out. Knowing this, we’ve prepared some ideas on how you can nurture yourself and re-fuel at any time during  the journey.


Make a list of the things that you do to feed your body, mind, heart and soul

Throughout the journey, when you feel overwhelmed, refer to your list and choose to do something that will nurture you. 


Remind yourself that you don't have to make everything better all at once

This work is for all of us, as communities. We can each individually start by biting off small chunks: having conversations, inviting other women to do this work and speaking up when we see or hear something that we believe is wrong.

Make space for healing

Reach out to a loved one or a Circle sister who can hear what you are feeling. 


Cultivate joy

Remind yourself of the beauty within humanity. Do the things that make you laugh or share a laugh with a close friend.


Work it out

Go for a walk, a bike ride or a swim or get out in the garden and do some digging.



Take a few quiet moments at any time to close your eyes and concentrate on your breath. You may want to repeat a mantra to support you, such as, “I listen and learn to help the world heal.” 


Have a good cry

Allow tears to come, especially if you are feeling intense sadness or grief about what you are learning. 


Give it to nature

Go for a walk or hike, enjoy a sunset, relax at your favorite shore or savor a campfire. 


Feel the water flow

Take a shower or bath and pamper yourself with essential oils or soaps.


Take to the table

Cook something delicious and share it with family or friends. 


Hit the road

Take a ride on a pretty road and roll the windows down, breathing in the fresh air and letting the wind flow through your hair.

Lose yourself in music:

Put on your headphones, find a comfy chair and listen to music that brings you joy.

(Thank you to Marcia Stone for creating this self-care guide)

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